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Delayed Not denied

It’s a wonderful summer and she is in town with her parents. She longs for a bowl of ice cream but no one seems to respond to her plea. Crying and fussing about as she points to every supermarket, her parents console her with every possible word and ideas they have, but she still sticks to her crying because she feels she has been denied her request. Unknowingly, her parents have ordered her best ice cream as a surprise for her birthday and they are enroute to pick it up.

Many a times we feel God has been unfair to us. Our cries and call unto Him may seem unattended to. In our quest to seek help for ourselves, we may get disappointed having to wait in expectation for a response from God, but he seem to have denied us what we requested for. It worsens when we expected a help before we lost what we expected help for.

This is the story of what happened to Mary and Martha. Their brother Lazarus was ill and they called on Jesus to come and help out. Jesus got the message alright but had to attend to other matters. Two days later, he left to visit Mary and Martha. What was so important that Jesus was doing that He could not have left and attended to the people He claimed to love (Verse 5), you may ask. Upon trying to come and help, the disciples now brought a past issue up that could have made Jesus reconsider His decision. He was on a death warrant on their last visit to Bethany, so Bethany should be taken out of the deal. But what really struck me was when Jesus was glad that He had not been there earlier enough? Really!!! Jesus I need your help and you are glad that you did not respond immediately to my 911 call for help.

So then he told them plainly, “Lazarus is dead, and for your sake I am glad I was not there, so that you may believe. But let us go to him.”

John 11:14-15 (NIV)

For their sake Jesus was happy that He has been late. He has a bigger picture in mind, that transcended the request of Mary and Martha. The glory of the Lord had to be seen through the ssituation, and that could only have been if Jesus had delayed in coming. Yes, we may be going through tough times at the moment; we may have called on God so many times, and its seems He has turned a deaf ear to your pleas. You called on him when your lazarus was sick (problem was smaller) but what is His business coming now that Lazarus is dead (problem is worst). You called on Him when people were about to be laid off, but He watched that you were laid off. What business that He have coming in now.

He delayed in responding to the 911 call because His delayal would reveal His glory for all to see. He always has the bigger picture in mind. He has your favorite ice-cream ordered for you. Irrespective of your cries, it becomes His duty to make sure you get to the ice-cream shop without getting full with the other frivolities.

In summary, God’s delayal never means denial. He always makes all things beautiful in HIS OWN TIME. His promise is yea and amen in CHRIST JESUS; and though it tarries wait for it for it shall come to pass.


Thank you father for your word today. I pray that may you give me the grace to wait on your promises: I pray that I be patient to behold that which you have promised unto me. In Jesus name I have prayed with thanksgiving. AMEN!!

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Published by Kwaku P. Adjei

A writer whose aim is to raise leaders by touching their spirits with the truth to transform their souls.

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