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Do you love me than these?

A father set out on a journey for work over the weekend. Before travelling, he instructed his son to clean the house instead of playing video games. He directed his son on where to start the cleaning and where to end. On the shelf of the end of the cleaning expedition was the newest edition of the video game he had wanted for the Christmas.

Halfway through the cleaning and with dad out of the house, he got tired of cleaning and went back to the video games. Unknowingly he had spent quite some time playing the game with his friends he invited over. He constantly expressed desires for the new game he had wanted and how his dd was hesitant in getting it for him.

Early the next morning, his dad came home. He summoned His son and asked if he had done the cleaning. His son responded with a yes. Then the father told him that he had bought him the new game but he did not find it becuase He was still focused on His game and could not make time for the task He had given him.

This is the encounter Jesus had with His disciples. After His death and ressurrection, some of the prolific fishermen missed their days of fishing and embarked yet again on their fishing expedition. Having tried but had caught nothing, Jesus appears on the shore and instructs them to cast the net on one side. Their nets were full. The John told Peter that it was Jesus (Remember Jesus first encounter with Peter in his boat). Peter run to meet Jesus and after breaking bread with His disciples, He asked Peter this question:

When they had finished eating, Jesus said to Simon Peter, “Simon son of John, do you love me more than these?”

John 21:15 (NIV)

God’s assignment for us sometimes comes with sacrificing what we used to do. In sacrificing these things, we are always been tempted to them. Having been called as a follower of Christ brings about a lot of sacrifices with the things of the world. We have been called to do away with most of the pleasures of life for the sake of taking up Christ as our Lord and Savior.

Yes, you may be tempted to go back again and again, and you would actually go. You may be tempted to go back into fornication, pornography, adultery, masturbation, among many other things. But Jesus has not rejected you yet. He stands at the door of your heart and is knocking; seeking for you to keep your focus on Him and enjoy the fellowship in His presence. He is asking: “Do you love me than these things?”

Like that son who wanted the video game, God has provided all you need in CHRIST. In Him, you have the assurance of a newness of life and blessings upon blessings.


Father thank you for your word that I have heard today. I am grateful for the sacrifice that you made to redeem me from my sins. I pray that you will grant me the grace to continually focus on Jesus, amidst the constant desires to return to my former ways. In Jesus name I have prayed with thanksgiving.


Published by Kwaku P. Adjei

A writer whose aim is to raise leaders by touching their spirits with the truth to transform their souls.

One thought on “Do you love me than these?

  1. I love the connection between the Father-Son story and that of God and his sons. He really has provided us with all things in Christ Jesus. The question remains “Do we love Him more than those things”?God Bless you, Man of God.


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