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Let everything within me praise the Lord

It has really been a while since I posted a message on my blog. I’m sorry for being away for a while. However, as I had my devotion this morning a message struck me that I want to share with us. I was playing the songs: YAHWEH and JIREH and I began to meditate on Psalm 103 and learnt a few things I would love to share with us all.

Praise the Lord, you angels,
    you mighty ones who carry out his plans,
    listening for each of his commands.Yes, praise the Lord, you armies of angels
    who serve him and do his will!
Praise the Lord, everything he has created,
    everything in all his kingdom.Let all that I am praise the Lord.

Psalm 103:20-22 (NLT)

The psalmist David in this scripture exhorts us to praise the Lord with everything within us. Then he adds in the last verse of the chapter that “Praise the Lord, everything he has created”. This means that we are to praise the name of the Lord with everything the Lord has given us: gifts, talents, wealth, life, salvation, every body part of ours, etc.

It is not surprising to ask yourself how you can praise God with everything that is within you. Just for a moment, I asked myself a few questions: how do people who are committed to a cause show their dedication to that cause? How do football supporters show their commitment to their teams? They would go to any extent to make sure they give everything they have to support the cause.

David exhorts us to praise God with everything within us. Begin to reflect on all the things that you possess: for each one of them praise God. We should place God in such prominence in our lives that everything we do brings praise to God. Let all that you are praise the Lord because you know that it is God that has made you what you are.

My prayer today is that we spend time to praise God for what He has made us. Let us appreciate God for who He is and His benevolence to us. God bless you and remain a blessing.

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Published by Kwaku P. Adjei

A writer whose aim is to raise leaders by touching their spirits with the truth to transform their souls.

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