Prerequisite for abundance (Part 8)

Two friends, John and Bismark, were given an opportunity to travel for their Master’s degree in Computer engineering in a reputable institution. Getting to their institution, John quickly jumped into his books and focused only on his studies; nothing else mattered. The other friend, Bismark, made time for religious activities, social events, attended parties ofContinue reading “Prerequisite for abundance (Part 8)”

Prerequisites for abundance (Part 7)

The social media culture has made us quick tweeters, facebookers, etc. We are very quick to write whatever thing we have been told to do on the social media for our friends to read, comment, like or dislike. Every minute of our 24 hours is written on the tabloids for the world to read andContinue reading “Prerequisites for abundance (Part 7)”

Prerequisites of abundance (Part 6)

I remember a story I overhead someone share some time ago. Benjamin was a final year student in a high school. He was always the best in a class of about thirty students. He had maintained his position as the best student for a long time. However, after sitting for their final exams, Abigail toppedContinue reading “Prerequisites of abundance (Part 6)”

Prerequisite for abundance (Part 4)

The series is getting interesting by the day. I do hope you have read the first three parts: Part One, part two and part three. We have been discussing some essential elements to take note if you want to see abundance amidst the scarcity you have. Many a times we want our situations to changeContinue reading “Prerequisite for abundance (Part 4)”

Prerequisite for abundance (Part 2)

Some weeks ago, we started discussing the prerequisites for having abundance. The first point we said was that you need to identify your needs and not wants. You can read the post here. Today we will move to the second point. 2. Identify your resources Elisha replied to her, “How can I help you? TellContinue reading “Prerequisite for abundance (Part 2)”

The pillar of science and technology

Many inventions in recent years has emphasized the importance of science and technology. Transportation, health, communication, agriculture has been improved because men and women have been gifted with the grace to make these inventions. Just as we have noted, every invention has its purpose to serve, but there is an underlying Kingdom that it seeksContinue reading “The pillar of science and technology”

The Pillar of religion

The world and its systems are being controlled by the predominant religious systems. Although it has been relegated to its own domain, its influence on the decisions and lives of people can never be underestimated. Through the enthusiasm for the teachings from many religious sects, lots of community developments as well as catastrophes have occured.Continue reading “The Pillar of religion”

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