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Your confessions matter!

What we say has an impact on what we see and become. This direct correlation is affirmed by Christ as he taught that out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. Your confession is a public affirmation of what you believe or have witnessed. The Greek word translated as confession is the wordContinue reading “Your confessions matter!”

Let all that I am praise the Lord

The songwriter, Charlotte Elliot, wrote: “just as I am without one plea…” after going through a lot of challenges. She was bedridden and battling with the sense of being useless. After many years, she was visited by a minister who asked her if she had peace with God. After much contemplation, she opened and receivedContinue reading “Let all that I am praise the Lord”

Focus on the Goal – Deal with Distractions

Our previous post was on focusing on your goal. For a recap, we learnt that to focus on our goal, we need to have some “me time”, deal with distractions and press on with what we are doing. For a recap of that edition, kindly read the blog post via this link. A reader ofContinue reading “Focus on the Goal – Deal with Distractions”